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w▓on wide appreciation.Now Paingt has opened a fully fledged German restaurant in the place where he first start▓ed trading in Beijing 12 years ago, on the second floor of the bakery. Now you can enjoy German food, spe▓cifically German-Austrian-Swiss cuisine from his home▓town of Bodensee (Lake Constance), located where G▓ermany, Austria and Switzerland meet."The perspective▓ of German food in China is a littl▓e bit boring," Paingt says. "Most people think what we eat every day is pork knuckle and sausage."Of course, these two are q▓uintessential dishes, and a dozen German restaurants in Beijing serve them, but Bodensee Kitchen tries to go further, he says.At a media tasting▓ lunch, when we were invited to try a German pizza it was difficult to know what to expect, but any expectations I did have were low, given the pictures on the menu, whose conten▓ts looked anything but appetizing. What a surprise, then▓, when the "Flammkuchen pizza" proved ▓to be much more delicious than regular pizza fare, which can sometimes be bland.Instead we

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were served pizza with a paper-thin, crisp, and blistered crust topped with a layer of homemade sour cream and then bac▓on, onion and chive. The sour cream created a mildly tart, creamy contrast to the crust's crispness.Paingt gives the dish another name, Schwarzwald ▓(Black Forest) pizza, because it comes f▓rom that region of southern Germany adjacent to the Alsace region of France.Venison goulash with poached pear, cranberry sauce ▓and Spaetzle (handmade noodles), is another regional dish that Bodensee Kitchen serves. The venison did not qu▓ite cut it for me, but the hearty accompaniment of bouncy, soft egg noodles, which I had never eaten before, won me over.Bodensee Kitchen does a good job in presenting a wide choice of traditional German fare▓, and it would be failing in its duty i▓f it did not serve sausages and pork knuckle."To many Germans, sausages represent a taste of ho▓me," Paingt says."Walk into a butchery in Germany and you'll see 50-100 different sausages. Raw, boiled, air-dried, smok

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ed, and so on, and with different spices. Every butcher has his own little secret recipe."Bodensee Kitchen's sausage platter includes Nuernberger, Frankfurter, cheesekrainer, and en▓gadin sausages, meatloaf, homemade sauerkraut, potato salad, pretzel dumpling and gravy.Paingt▓ talks about the meticulous process of making a classic roast pork knuckle. From start to finish,▓ he says, this dish takes more than 36 hours to prepare, including brining for one day, then boiling for about five to six hour▓s, until the meat is tender, and roasting until the skin is so crisp that it breaks into pieces at the▓ cut of a knife with a little force. Inside, the flavorsom▓e and tender meat simply falls off the bone.The golden, crispy skin is sure to elicit crunches of delight.Quality restaurants offer▓ing Western food are difficult to

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fin▓d in China, Paingt says."If you are looking at restaurants that offer homey European dishes, they are few and far between, apart from the high-end ones in the five-star hotels. Including drink▓s, I'd say the average cost per person here is 75 yuan ($12) for breakfast, 80 for lunch, and 150 yuan for dinner. That is about on par with the price o▓f a similar family style restaurant in Germa▓ny."Over the past 10 years, he says, he has worked on a number of food and beverage projects in Beij▓ing and Shanghai, including consulting for successful brands such as O'Steak, Amandine, Enoterra, and April Gourmet.Bodensee Kitchen boasts an extensi▓ve menu. For drinks, there is a judiciously chosen selection of wines from Germany and Austri▓a; German beer such as Bitburger draft beer, Weihenstephan wheat bee

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r and Schofferhofer. For vegetarians, there are Schlutzkrapfen, Austrian dumplings, which are stuffed with chopped spinach, garlic and a coating of nutty parmesan. There is also a menu for children.Finally, a warning about the ample size of the dishes, which ▓mean that this cozy Brauhaus-style eatery is well suited to families and friends dini▓ng together.Please scan the QR Code to follow us o▓n InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatA popular exhibition hig▓hli

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ghting China's biggest achievements is being held ▓at the Beijing Exhibition Center from Sept. 26 till the end of November.Beijing exhibition celebrates China's achievements, showcases futureBeijing exhibition celebrates China's achievements, showcases future11-16-2017 11:38 BJTBy Colin Robinson, r▓eporter A popular exhibition highli▓ghting China's biggest achievements is being held at the Beijing Exhibition Cente▓r from  Sept. 26 till the end of November.The exhibition, which attracted large crowds, displayed the nation'

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s greatest successes of recent years in fields such as technology, healt▓hcare, cul

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ion. There were many case studies of rural areas th▓at had become more prosperous a

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. The exhibition also presented examples of China's technological advancements, including the AG600 hydroplane, a self-driving car and AI robots. Among the main highlights were ▓the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), a demon▓stration of a health check system for rural residents ▓and a 3D printing machine.BeiDou Navigation Satellite SystemThere were several interactive demonstrations of the capacity of BeiDou, one of the most advanced satellite networks in the world▓, at the exhibition. For example, there was ▓a flight simulator and a driving simulator that used the navigation system; there were also several models display▓ing its size and scale.BeiDou is already well established and has numerous applicatio▓ns; most significantly, it was used in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, playing an important role in providing data that was used for rescue operations. It is also used in border patrol operations in southwest China’s Yunnan province, which has borders with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.There could ▓be even bigger achievements ahead for BeiD▓ou, which has an annual turnover of $31.5billion, coul▓d even overtake GPS in global usage on▓ce it is completed and all 35 of its satellites are in

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operation, which is scheduled to happen i▓n 2020. According to China Satellite Navigation Office, it will be more accurate tha▓n GPS.Health check systemAnother of the highlight▓s was a machine that is used in remote areas of the country that can test users for health problems. Users stand on scales and have some scans on their arms and hands to determine any issues. ▓When the user scans their ID card, the user’s local hospital can then be informed of any problems.The machine, manufactured in Xianyang, Shaanxi province, has be▓en in use for one year; it is currently used in northwest China's Qinghai and Gansu provinces. The system▓ has huge potential to monitor users’ health condi▓tions and resolve any medical issues as soon as possible, ▓while they are still treatable.3D printing machineAnother popular exhibit was a 3D printing machine that could recreate intricate patterns▓ and designs using mashed potato in a m▓atter of moments. This is just a simp▓le demonstration of how impressive and efficient 3D printing can be. And China, as one the

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bi▓ggest manufacturing countries in the world, has embrac▓ed 3D printing, with sales of 3D prin▓ters accelerating in the last few y▓ears; it is estimated that sales will surpass 20,000 by 2020. Though the industry▓ is still developing in China, several companies around the country are already using 3D printing in innovative ways. For example, Sichuan Revotek successfully 3D printed blood ves▓sels and transplanted them into rhesus monkeys. The success of this test is said to be the first step toward 3D printing

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organs for humans.(The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the▓ opinions of Panview or )Please scan the ▓QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatYou could walk t▓o 11 different exhibition areas, which feature different themes, including transportation, energy, crackdown on corruption.Beijing Exhibition Center gives ▓you glimpse of the futureBeijing Exhibition Center gives you glimpse of the future11-09-201▓7 16:35 BJTBy Tom McGregor, Pa▓nview commentator and editorChina has taken bold steps▓ in recent years to rejuvenate its economy by embarking on huge infrastructure projects, urbanization

and supporting innovations in the science and technology fields.Chin▓a, even just ten years ago, looks so muc▓h different than it does now and we can anticipate the nation to transform even further a ▓decade from now.The Beijing Exhibition▓ Center, located in the heart of the capital city, is holding a grand exhibit featuring China&rsquo▓;s outstanding achievements over the past five years to highlight China’s greatest i▓nfrastructure achievements, as well as new sci.-t▓ech d

evelopments, along with showing a new vision of▓ our future.New developments for new era▓ Panview visited the Beijing Exhibit▓ion Center on Wednesday morning, Nov. 8, 2017 to take a clo▓ser look. The first surprise was to see the huge crowds ▓as long lines of people stood outside in the ▓cold.The exhibit in general did not fail to disappoint, as visitors could view vivid poste▓r p

hotos plastered all over the walls a▓nd you could touch the numerous models of C▓hina's big projects, such as an artificial sun, FAST (Fiv▓e-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope), world's largest radio telescope, hi▓-speed trains, deep sea research submersibles and so much more.You could walk to 11 different exh▓ibition areas, which feature different them▓es, including transportation, energ▓y, crackdown on corruption, PLA (people Liberation Army) advances in weaponry, new inven▓tions, hybrid agriculture and a look t▓o the future.Future era for hi-techChina's future may l▓ikely be dominated by Industry 4.0, which supports the manufac

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turing sector with IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), Big Data, drones, robot factory workers and intelligent logistics networks.The tools of tomorrow make for more efficient factories and warehouses that c▓an conduct operations at lower costs. Careful monit

oring of all movements in the logistics chain▓, from production to transport to stores can function in a streamlined manner by the same company.The Beijing Exhibition Cente▓r highlights all of these aspects of Industry 4.0, which are now

first German ▓bread makers in China, South German Bakery, which has b▓een around for 12 years. Thanks to the Ge
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